We're LIVE! Shop away, GO CRAZY!

We're LIVE! Shop away, GO CRAZY!

Dear Darlings, 

It has been a crazy week at Dear Darlings Beauty but we're all set now! 

You may already know that all of our brushes, wands, and palettes are comfortably sized for petite features and hands. It was important for us to get this right, because the act of putting on makeup can be super-beneficial for kids’ motor skills, visual skills, and creativity.

Using our brush away brush set help children better grasp and control writing instruments. Precision blusher application can help improve hand-eye coordination, while experimenting with age-appropriate makeup colors, like the ones in our Sweet Cheeks blushers, encourages artistry, ideation, and planning. Who doesn’t love learning that feels like play?

So call your moms, your best friends, your favourite aunties (even your daddies) cos we're now live on the website! Shop away! 

You're the best, darlings!

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